"Even if I only get one thing done, I still count it as a Success"

- Learn the Techniques that turned a Flunk into a Lawyer

- Stuck on a goal? BEGIN HERE!

- Easy to apply principles of growth THAT WORK

- Accelerate your Growth in ANY Area


"The Hare may be further than the Tortoise, but the Tortoise is always ahead of those who do Nothing."

+ 7 chapters that explain in detail how to Accelerate your Growth

+ Dozens of Easy to Apply Principles

+ For All Audiences

+ Discover the One Push-Up Rule that turned Warren into an Artist

+ Concepts that can be Applied Immediately

+ Read how Warren Went From Flunk to Success

+ Never has it been Easier to Accomplish your Goals and Dreams!

"REMEMBER: Time passes by whether you're growing or not"

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