Omega Executive helps Mid-to-Large companies transform recently promoted managers into incredible leaders.

About Omega Executive:

Omega Executive presents a strategic and robust 10-day leadership bootcamp, designed to transform your organization’s leadership landscape. Do away with draining, disorganized meetings and instead, learn to unlock the untapped potential within your teams from the very first day. Our program empowers your managers to harness collective wisdom for expert group decision-making and run meetings with a newfound efficiency. But that’s just the beginning!


Read more about all the incredible benefits of Omega Executive: 10-day Leadership Bootcamp.


Beyond just honing the skills for efficient meetings, Omega Executive invests in the growth of your managers. We take them on a journey of self-discovery and skill acquisition, equipping them with the tools to identify, mentor, and cultivate exceptional leadership talent within your ranks. Essentially, we’re not just training your managers, we’re transforming them into seasoned leadership consultants in their own right!


In addition to leadership training and development, Omega Executive provides consulting on sales, personnel, efficiency, creativity, marketing, and branding consulting.


Outsource your Leadership Training and Development Today and Accelerate your Growth!

"Show me a person,
any person,
and we will make them a better leader."

Daniel Warren Mutschler

CEO at Omega Executive 

800 N King Street
Suite 304 1517
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (818) 724-4606



Daniel Warren Mutschler is CEO and consultant at Omega Executive. Omega Executive was founded by Warren in 2020. 


Warren established Omega Executive with a clear mission: to furnish organizations with effective strategies that quickly equip managers for the complexities and nuances of leadership. Warren’s multifaceted expertise sets him apart. He is a leadership consultant, a lawyer since 2013, a seasoned marketer, an investor, an entrepreneur, a CEO, and an expert in branding and sales. Beyond his professional pursuits, Warren’s passion for continuous learning manifests in his love for reading and his collection of rare books.

His aim is to deliver outstanding service and outcomes for his clients, drawing upon a wide-ranging reservoir of knowledge that spans multiple disciplines.

For more information regarding Omega Executive’s products and services, or to set up a meeting, click the contact link below or send an email to


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